How to Check If Raspberry Pi Camera is Working

I got the answer from this site: And the answer is: vcgencmd get_camera When the camera is connected, the output is like this: supported=1 detected=1 Credit for this answer goes to user znanev. Hats off to you sir.

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Save The Power Project and Going Serverless

I want to save power at home because it becomes more costly in the summer. I have a plethora of spare computers and servers that aren’t hooked up that I would like to make use of in a “serverless” setup. And I have a handful of running machines that are running your typical operating systems…

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So there’s a site out there. It’s called and I created it to help get a handle on what the fuck I have been working on lately. IT kInDa helps. The most important part is probably the “TODOs” section, but I often forget to check it in favor of some other, more easily editable…

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