About Me

Hello, this is a blog about Technology, Programming projects, Internet culture, Privacy and Security, Video Games, Trending Memetics, and my place in all that mumbo-jumbo. I tend to shun social media lately, and I have been operating this blog for about 5-6 years now. I accidentally wiped out the entire server that this blog used to be hosted on. That was a big oopsie. It’s not the end of the world…though I can’t remember ever taking any actual big backups of the site…needless to say I am paying my host provider for big backups nowadays. I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. I’m a dumbass, really…

You can find my musings (and ramblings) about all types of topics, but once you read them all you will see what I’m really passionate about. I’ve had many iterations of project sites like these, some more humdrum than the other. I am trying to make this iteration of the site look really good, and in comparison to the last one, it should look about the same, albeit a bit more polished.

A lesson learnt from the last blog was that coming up with quality content is really hard (sometimes)! For some people it just oozes out of them. For most people you really got to work at it. I fall into the latter category. My one rule for writing is that it can’t annoy me in the future. So I had a lot of un-posted articles that I feared would annoy me in the future. I don’t have to worry about that now since they never got posted! But it was really probably only 10-15 posts that never got posted. I’m not the best writer and so a lot of crap got posted, and a lot more crap will continue to get posted. But I hope that you glean some useful information or insight from some of it, and I encourage you to leave comments or follow the blog or however that works out for you. Basically, come talk to me about this somehow. Tell me what you found useful. In the past, I was using Google Analytics to monitor what posts got read the most, and the most interesting post to most visitors was about printers: The Difference Between PCL5, PCL6 and Postscript. I hope to make more interesting articles like that for you, and along the way you can find the progress I am making on the various side projects I work on.

Oh! And you may find recipes on here. My great aunt sends me Sweet Potato recipes all the time, so once I get around to it, I’ll have to re-upload those onto here again. I like cooking. I’m not the best cook, and sometimes I fuck it up, but boy do I like to eat. So sometimes you might see me talking about that on here.

My goal for this website is for you to tune in to what I’m working on, and I’d like to show you some interesting topics that might be the next spark of inspiration for a cool new idea. There’s tons of shiny new wheels and flashing buttons now out there on the internet, consider the PleaseTuneIn website as my little cornerstone that links out to all the different topics and projects that I am researching and working on. Have a read, a chat, or a listen, and please, tune in.