This is a tutorial on how to start modding for Sven Co-Op. This blog post started on 02/12/2021 and it has really been a longtime question I’ve had even to way back when I played HL1 Opposing Force and those mods for the first time way back in my teens. I have no idea currently how you would begin to write some of these cinematic experiences in Sven Co-Op that you see on some maps. All I know about game development is that there’s a camera object usually, a world, and a running game loop that does things like maintaining a character state and doing math equations for combat and collisions. So for modding…I guess they have access to creating triggers and special events that can be called during the running game loop. And then the assets from the game must be available to the modder so they can add it to the scripts as they see fit. And then how do they negotiate modder assets into the mod? There must be some packaged file that contains all this more the user. It looks like websites like this: are a necessity for a healthy modding experience.

In order to get started learning how to mod for Sven Co-op, I decided a quick search on youtube would help. So I did that. And what I found out was…nothing. I watched about 6 videos or so, searched a few times, and just really didn’t see a single one that covers the topic of creating new mods for this game. I wonder if I misunderstood the modding community for this game, and I wonder if I am just playing maps from 6+ years ago. I found out that this game came out around 1999. I learned some more things too.

Some character models don’t work for certain levels/maps because of whats available in the level. I learned in my youtube travels that the game was OK’d by Valve to include the entire HL1 campaign, albeit some modifications. And it is a great, free way to experience the HL1 campaign, by yourself or with friends. The game runs great and the weapons are more fun than a lot of weapons in other games. It is interesting to see how polished some of the modded maps look. And I found some videos of people having lots of fun playing co-op with their friends. Oh and I found some players playing on Osprey. That looked cool.

Sven Co-op has a lot of servers available on the internet, although when I play I notice there’s only hundreds of users on sometimes. Since publicizing my server (it used to be private) I have seen 2-3 active players in it consistently during my timezone’s waking hours. I’ll have to download that one HL2 Server analytics software again and hook it up to my server. I hope to catch some games with some randoms sometime soon. I almost got into one the other day but the map was horrible and we had to switch, then they never came back in.

I also learned during my play with randoms that I could be playing this on Xbox? That’s cool. I wonder how that works. I hope people return to this game because it really is a hidden gem in co-op. SO much potential left to be tapped, and it has been getting tapped for decades. This is the way modding games should be done. And I will press on to learn more on how to mod it.

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