My friend introduced me to this Nvidia software that can do a virtual greenscreen as your background and eliminate keyclicks during recordings. He demonstrated it live for me in Discord. It was pretty amazing not being able to hear him pound on his keyboard while he talked at the same time. He wasn’t sure if it would work for my system since he has a 2070, a RTX video card, and I have a 1070, a GTX card.

I did a little more research on it today and found out the technology for keyclicks used to be called “RTX Voice” which led me to this link location. Unfortunately, it seems to only work for RTX cards. I remember in my research that the Nvidia team did say they had patched in the support for GTX cards, but I was unable to find a download after that. It’s not super important to me because I have some different ideas that I’ll get around to which could fix this, mainly by using a microphone arm or stand, and I think securing a better headset/microphone combo isn’t outside the realm of possibility. So I will keep this on the backburner.

In other broadcast news, I have restarted my streaming channel, and I began streaming Escape From Tarkov again. Lately, I have tried out that new game Phasmophobia, the ghost-hunting game, and that was a lot of fun. I hope both these games come out of early-access and get more fleshed out soon. I hadn’t played much games up until the past weekend, and when I did I was feeling really refreshed and excited for some of the possibilities in those games. I hope to continue to have the free time to explore more and stream more. Some of my side projects are wrapping up and I hope to have them on this website here sometime soon. Until next time…

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