There is a friend of mine. He recently perfected his streaming apparatus and was able to stream Apex Legends in high quality with zero lag. That was impressive to me because I have tried that myself and was able to get nowhere with my laggy piece of shit gaming PC. So anyways, he has got a capture card that he runs to a laptop with a pretty good CPU/GPU and that is his streaming station. Then his regular PC has to take on like 0% of the streaming task because of that. So such a great idea, right?

I think I like that idea even more because it is using a laptop, and not a whole ‘nother gaming rig. I see and hear a lot about some of the pro-streamers using almost carbon copies of their normal gaming rig to stream, and while I can see that working, it seems like a big waste of money, and a big waste of Power™. And Power™, is something that I seem to care about. (You can see some of my other posts about it.) As this “use another gaming rig” setup is bulky, I think his solution here is supreme. When he told me about it I questioned him about what he does for seeing the stream’s chat. And he told me he can see that on the laptop monitor. Which works, I guess, but I am still looking for that full screen, chat-log lookin’ app that has big text for me to see everything in chat as I’m gaming.

There is also another thing that I have looked for but have now found, also thanks to him, and that is the new platform I’d want to stream on, and that platform is Mixer. He told me it has a lower viewership and when Ninja went on there for a stint he only had a few thousand viewers. Another aspect of Mixer is there is less censorship and left-leaning ForcedThink™ as opposed to the echo chamber of Twitch. Which I abhor Twitch. I can’t stand the user base. I end up getting fed up with the viewer chat and just watch the streamer full-screen because of it. But who cares really, I just wanna stream games with my friends and chat with my friends. The comfiest experience I can think of in this regard is me having some free-time to play through a single-player campaign that some friends also enjoy, and then they can watch it while they do light work around the house, or light work at work, or eating, etc, and just catch a few glimpses of their favorite campaign being played by a friend and chatting with them about it. Seems pretty comfy to me.

That’s the only real reason I see for “Us Mere Mortals”® to stream. I can’t see myself blowing up and being super popular just because of the way I am. Though, I would not mind making a few new internet friends through it. It has been quite a time since I played games with like-minded total strangers, but when that happens, man, the world just gets smaller and I get happier. Then I feel more egalitarian about things. People mention russian bros on internet video game forums. I have had a good experience playing with german bros, boston bros, jersey bros, texas bros, belgium bros, japan bros, china bros, uk bros, canada bros, etc. And those moments are nice. It’s easier to find new friends when you put yourself out there and work as a team in an online game. Then it’s like you have a whole ‘nother world of a social circle that you can enter with just a few clicks at your PC. One of the modern marvels of the internet, I think, but also one that is seldom talked about in everyday life or covered on TV. Maybe one day it will become more apparent.

And as for me, I think I will try building another, slightly smaller PC, to aid mine in streaming. I will still need a capture card though, and depending on how my job and gig hunt goes…well we will see if that can even be a possibility. Maybe I can think up some sort of alternative to that. I don’t have an inkling right now though. Whenever I get that sorted out though I will definitely be on and streaming more.

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