Blog was broken for the longest time…

It was from not having “AllowOverride” working for the SSL version of the site… I’m pretty sure I had exhausted all the methods and fixes I just tried (fixing the .htaccess, re-doing the SSL certbot wizard, and double-checking the apache2 configuration file) but what I had forgotten to do was double check BOTH apache2 configuration files! Woops. Hope to remember that for next time.

But basically life has been heck lately and I am trying to get all of my ducks in order, and I have lots of tech postings to upload… I have been learning a lot and tinkering a lot with my raspberry pis. I am glad they are so power-conserving and simple, yet robust enough to be reliable for years and years. Single board computers are very cool in my book.

Things are looking up for me, and I have made some mistakes in the past. I’m hoping to not repeat too many of them and try very hard not to make that many mistakes moving forward. There is a lot of shit I gotta re-write and that I wish I could have re-written…

And I must say Chiefly, one of those things being….


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