Yeah. Needed to do this for some testing, some websites needed hosting, some microservices needed running, and some other inane mundane stuff had to be done with these pi zeros I had. Now that they are set up, they are feeding me info and stats about different things like power usage, failed code builds, lagging todos, business services statuses, upcoming appointments, and general healthful reminders. It’s part of my plan to build a smart house when I’m older. And it’s part of a plan to help me open my various businesses from ideas I got. Anywho…hhere we go!

I had wanted to configure these pis headlessly, so I gave it a quick search and found this article regarding the same. It’s at losant and written by a fellow named Taron.
Here is the link to said article.

I am going to distill the important bits for myself and post them here for me and you. I will definitely use this in the future and have wanted to go to my own post twice now but it’s just been this link out. Well this time I am finally writing it. Here we go!
I am assuming here that you already have installed all that shit to your MicroSD card, and have a partition called boot to traverse.

  1. In boot, create a file called ssh. This is all you need to enable ssh
  2. In boot, create a file called wpa_supplicant.conf
  • This supplicant file controls all you need to automatically connect to WiFi
  • Also, add this shit:

  • country=US
    ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev

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