– Services and old web projects have been down for past two months at my place.
– I sorted through some network troubles and been providing upgrades for some of the services hardware
– New CPU fan for Radio machine
– Net gains of space on all machines due to data consolidation and regular organizational cleaning of data

– I’ve needed a lot of downtime towards the end of summer to recuperate
– Had some health challenges, nothing serious, but are the first steps of what could be bad, so changing around my habits there
– Resting more, sometimes I have sleep issue
– Getting stricter on keeping my ME time from being taken over by work or other commitments. Personally I need it.
– Balancing between periods of high output and productivity, and taking the necessary periods of rest and relaxation to help with having creative ideas later

– Been able to push myself through a lot lately
– Amazing that some extra willpower comes with age
– Always had the willpower to work through tough problems I really enjoy, still enjoy that
– Trying to capture my strengths on paper or digital for motivation later and downplay or try to redirect my weaknesses elsewhere
– All the while trying to stay mindful, in the moment, and not worry too much about my own self status, help others and ask them for help myself as needed (which is more often than you’d think. don’t want to get caught up only helping people…and shouldering your own burdens for too long…)
– Other people motivate me when they are doing well in their life
– I am trying again to help motivate others because it makes me happy when they succeed
– And another big part of motivation is having goals

– Trying to do less of this as it becomes a tad obsessive and nothing actually gets done when you are planning something out
– Been good at “DO”-ing things instead of sitting there and thinking over all the things I have to do
– Yanno, standard stuff really
– Oh and planning more time for friends, and family. With the holidays coming up, that’s always important

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