I want to save power at home because it becomes more costly in the summer.
I have a plethora of spare computers and servers that aren’t hooked up that I would like to make use of in a “serverless” setup.

And I have a handful of running machines that are running your typical operating systems and network services. I would like to convert that to use only as much power as it really needs, ie. creating a serverless infrastructure in my own basement. I’ve found in the past that self hosting these websites and apps has been incredibly cheaper than paying another company to host them. This serverless push is a continuation of that ideal.

I have WeMo Insight Power switches hooked up to each of the clusters of computing resources I have. They are recording my average power consumption every day, and I used to have them set up to report out to Excel spreadsheets and email them to me, although that was only working for one switch last time I checked. Anyhow, here is a table of my business hardware, and then a table of my personal/normal hardware. That way the first thing you see is what I do for my business/and then you can see what would be typical in your own household. Power costs me $0.118 per kWh where I live.

Cluster nameDescriptionAvg Power UsageAvg Cost
BORISWeb server, app server96.6 kWh/mo$10.38/mo
YURIWorkstation55.4 kWh/mo$6.15/mo
TANYAServer21.6 kWh/mo$2.39/mo
Cluster nameDescriptionAvg Power UsageAvg Cost
Chest freezerWhen in use34 kWh/mo$4.01/mo
Refridgerator w/ Top-mounted FreezerCools things30 kWh/mo$3.54/mo
House AC unitCools people810 kWh/mo$96.92/mo

Energy Use Calculator for AC unit

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