So there’s a site out there. It’s called and I created it to help get a handle on what the fuck I have been working on lately. IT kInDa helps. The most important part is probably the “TODOs” section, but I often forget to check it in favor of some other, more easily editable lists I have stored on “the Cloud™”. So for that I mean Google Keep. The notes I write in there are a little more private than what I post on my public site. But there honestly aren’t that many interested folk perusing that website.

Anyway, as of today I have figured out what I want to do in regards for maintaining these todo lists and more easily updating the public ones in the future. Basically I have figured out a way to half-automate the generation of markdown syntax from these Google Keep lists. And that way I can publish whatever todo lists I deem acceptable in this half-automated way. I still have to manually go into the Google Doc that my solution generates and copy that markdown text to paste inside of the code solution. And only then am I able to run another auto-updation script that generates the required html templates and pushes the updates up to the server.

The public ones you see on that site are what I want people to know I have going on right now. Then they might be able to more easily help with something pertinent to my todo lists. In the future, for my household-centered all-encompassing AI+digital life assistant, I’d like it so my Fridge had a touch screen that would display the current “TODO” chores for me and a housemate. And then we could go up there and swipe away or check off any “TODO” chores that we completed that day. And similarly, I’d like any tasks added to Alexa’s “ToDo List” to be reflected in that same house list. But those might not always be public, so for the house assistant, the todo lists on that one are probably pretty guaranteed to be available to people with “journal” (private) access. The strictly manual -> production process for will most likely stay the same. THat’s all for now. Apologies for the rambling, sometimes I start to think midway through my writing and then just stream-of-consciousness it all out there. Anyways, the TODOs on should be pretty well up to date most of the time, usually within a month’s time.

I will work on metrics and gettin’ actual truths out there to the people in due time. I’m working on ideation for a couple ideas, one being dashboards and another being timelines. I’ll touch on those in another post.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I would probably like an accompanying app for that household AI assistant so that users could log in and edit their own todo list (to be displayed on the fridge monitor) from remote. And even for this site, I think I had in mind the idea of making an app (mostly for me) that anybody could download on the app store and just see a condensed version of my website, and then also I could log in and perform TODO app-like tasks from within there and have it update accordingly elsewhere on the website. But that’s really a lot of work, 20 hours so I think. I’m still learning as I go here and trying to polish my estimates.

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