That’s my current experience trying to get a React Native Android app going. Started this two and a half hours ago. And it’s looking like I’ll get to hour 3 and still have no app. I have just been debugging myriad build errors and setting up Android studio for the first time. Really it shouldn’t be this hard but it seems as if I can’t find any good documentation or examples on the Android side of things. Seems like a lot of people chose to do the iOS side first.

This is how you get started ejecting your dumb react native app.

“npm run eject”

And then getting it running on your phone.

good “fuckin” luck

And then finally publishing it to the store.

this will hopefully be easy. still haven’t done.

Also changes I make will not automatically fuckin’ reload. Yep, confirmed. Hell, I don’t think the metro bundler is even bundling correctly after I CTRL+C it and it does some magic and says “…” welp, nevermind, before I thought it used to do something. Now it looks like I have to close the metro bundler and re-run the “react-native run-android” command. That takes a long time. Now, it seems like I’m probably doing something wrong here, and I probably am, but that is just not fun developer experience. :<

I wished I could just sit down for 2 hours and bang this one out. But what with the internet being the internet and all…distractions abound.

Instead, I have spent 2 hours and just got the basic app running on my local device. Ran into issues selecting the gradleversion, and some other stuff about build sdks.

Next time, if I want to get goin on building that release build and doing my first shot on the play store, I need to follow this guide:

Well….I got it packaged and available on my android phone. No walled garden yet, but that barely took an hour. Nice.

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