Well, I jumped forward in tech today. I had two projects that I had bought in December that I hadn’t gotten around to yet. After a really tough week at work I was in the mood for still doing work but un-willing to do more work for my job after all the hours I logged today. So instead I deftly harnessed that motivation and assigned myself to my various tasks in my todo lists. AND I even started working on a todo app in react that I had started a long-ass time ago. But that was on Friday. This blog post is mainly about what I did today, Sunday, in regards to a Google Voice kit and an AWS IoT button.

Both things I did are entirely trivial. I must come out and say that first. But the initial steps these projects have unlocks lots of varying and interesting potential. I bought these two things on December 21st. And am just now getting to them. That means I was busy during christmas break with something else. I think it was mastodon. That means I got distracted but completed in one spurt an entirely different endeavor that came out of nowhere. Like it makes me really think I can complete these other projects within a short amount of time, close the ones out I can’t do right now, and move on to new ones with what I’ve learned. Connecting the dots after the fact.

This fridge apparatus is the first product I could actually sell and support with minimal effort and with me not feeling bad about it. Basically the 11″ screen was $132 and the Google Voice kit was $27. Now that’s not including the RPi 3. That RPi 3 cost me $38. So all in all, that whole thing minus cables cost me $197. Quite a pretty penny. And NOT as much as I had though initially. At first I had done it in my head as a $150 project I would be willing to hook up for people. Now I realize there’s a buttload of hidden costs in the accessories. Maybe $40 or more/less. In any case, the point is that I would sell that package for almost face value. Ya’kno maybe I could get a volume discount or something. But I would set it up, exactly as I had it at home, and then I could offer them only so many updates as I make to my own device. And as long as they dont modify it, and allow me to flash their device with new installs remotely. Then I would be cool with that arrangement.

This fridge could be tied into mealinator so I could do things like “Alexa, ask Mealinator what I should make for dinner”. Or “OK Google, what’s for dinner?” And then both services can connect to me and carlie’s life services products and supply them with ideas and automated life management. People won’t have to try as hard or remember as much, and can be more efficient and less wasteful with their food if they follow the vision I have for a project like this. Basically, you would always have your food inventory at your finger tips. Everything would be barcoded in your fridge and freezer, or deeplearning would have figured it out for you. Just by scanning the products in with that DeepLens camera or a barcode scanner you’d have an accurate list of ingredients to use in recipes.

And then the recipes made would automatically subtract the recipe’s allotments from your inventory. Thus creating easy-to-see fullness gauges that can be set up to automatically alert you when you are running low on a favorite ingredient. Deep-learning would be ultimate. Barcode can get us there. Recipes can help with the inventory management aspect. Weight-sensitive shelving or an apparatus would be even more precise. DeepLens could be a weird middle ground here too. And maybe you could have a weightscale that you use when you take an item out or just when you put it back to measure how much you used. Hmmm….you know….hmmm…….

All that time playing First Person Inventory Manager (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat) is finally paying off!

Next steps are to hook up the google voice recognition program to a few subroutines that I define that can read out the metadata I’ll leave around for each of the meals that I plan on cooking. That way Mike or I can come into the room and just blithely ask “hmmmm….I wOnDeR what’s for DInNEr??” and google assistant could just read off my meal card for the current day. We will see how that goes… until next time…

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