So this is Day 2 (3?) of mastering this mastodon install. And by mastering I really mean just installing it for the first time. This thing is a mess of ruby and npm dependencies. And I’ve run into probably 15 solid roadblocking errors that I’ve had to fight my way through with their obtuse error messages and the rare issue post on GitHub. I’m trying my best to document the fixes I have to do in the issues that I can find on GitHub. But so far I’m only at two answers to some issues I had when following this guide:

I really liked this guide, despite the issues I’ve been having with some of the steps. Part of the reason I’m running into the issues and getting blocked is because I’m not used to rake error messages, and some of the other ruby-related powertools that come into play. I’ll try my damndest to get this bitch working. But there’s a lot of disheartening error messages that flood the way. Here’s to hoping I can get it working sometime this year… (next 6 days)…

I should also be trying out the official production guide:

Two of the biggest issues I ran into were errors with:

After reading the production guide for a few minutes I think I may have been in the wrong for using an 8 month old tutorial on the mastodon install (Last updated April 2017)…

I finally got it. I had run into like 3 more issues after this post update, and that took about 6 more hours to debug. Looking through logs like the nginx logs, the different system service logs (like for mastodon-streaming.service), and my own logs that I ended up making for the cron job. If I could list out the problems roughly right now it’d look like:

  • Server gone away, getting lots of Server closed connection or not found responses (SSL issue, incomplete nginx config)
  • npm not found, a double node.js install >:O
  • Email issues, used wrong mailgun login info

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