I was sick earlier and needed to take a nap. What could have been just a mild 2 hour nap turned into a 6 hour one. And then I woke up at 9pm feeling fully rested and looking for something to do.

I have been thinking a lot lately about using React Native. I wanted to use it as a stepping stone to get myself acclimated to iOS and Android development. There’s a couple projects where I could use it. Memelockerz is one. And Mealinator is another. –Of course, thrillhouserad.io could have the admin capabilities built into a special account on the native apps. And definitely maybe the pizza boys delivery site…Or at least a notification app for the delivery boys.

It seems to be as easy as people have described it. After perusing the front page of the React Native site I found this “Getting Started” document and was not surprised to see a “create-react-native-app” npm package, similar to “create-react-app”. Here you can “eject” and such from the main project to help you add more custom react native libraries and features. Then I saw how they do their development server, and it seems pretty rad. It seems you just install this expo app on your phone that takes pictures of a QR code your command line spits out. Then it routes you to your app running on a dev server. I’m not sure how free that can be, but god damn does that make a good use of a QR code.

And writing an update what appears to be almost 3 full weeks after…I see I got stopped along the way somewhere.

And after doing it again, I remember that I got stopped on the gaht-damn initial create-react-native-app command…something about the network taking forrreeeevvveeeerrrr to download the necessary packages. WELL. Now I’ve done it. And the command works this time.

Well that’s fuckin awesome. You load up Expo app on your phone, grab a shot of that QR code your terminal’s spittin’ out, and away you go. Apparently you can add code on your computer and this bitch is gonna auto-reload. Let’s see how fuckin’ fast that task is really…

WElp….on my first save of APp.js…nothing fucking happened….

So I had to shake my phone, get at the developer menu, and manually clicked reload. Then it reloaded with my “BLAZINGLY FAST” text addition to the code.

Ah well, that’s okay. I’m sure that’s not the behaviour that was intended by the developers, but I can work with this.

Oh, okay, after playing around a bit and coming back… Now when I’m adding text elements and decorations I can see it reloading and displaying on my phone…Cool!

my-project has been the result of all this. But I did have some more testing weirdness that showed a fair bit of lag before I could be seeing my results or an error on screen. My app currently shows a picture of 4 different kind of banana shaped fruits…And then a bunch of silly text modifications from the getting started pages. I’m gonna try adding a camera button in a moment..

Aaand nope…Looks like I need to include some native libraries, and have some sort of ejected app that I’m working on, which would require the use of Android studio. So I’m not gonna mess with that at the moment:


I also had trouble importing a new file with my own custom React components. The two files I tried failed to do anything besides generate errors when I tried to use their components inside my main App.js file. Something about invariant violations… ;P

But so far these pages have been a great help:


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