So I’ve been talking about this idea as part of a project for a while now.

But if there’s anything I’ve learned the past few months it’s that it’s worthwhile to get started on those ideas that are only parts of a project early. That way you can see some progress, run into some issues, and make better decisions down the line.

Anyways, for this idea I want to be able to draw routes for custom “race” circuits over a commonly used map interface, like Google Maps or OpenStreetMaps.

The end goal was originally for this to be a part of my grand racing sim that was going to be a pound-for-pound replica of greater Chicagoland. Initially I’d start off with these circuits that I’ve drawn on the maps. Some of them inspired by real drives that I’ve been on for those roads. And eventually I’d like to see a frickin’ race go down in the loop or on Lake Shore Drive. I feel like the city is designed perfectly for that, and we could stand to learn from a few tournaments of fucked up traffic that would stem from it. Like there’s no way Chicago could handle an Olympics, but Chicago could start planning for if they allowed something like an Indy race.

I’ve got a pretty good scope for an initial product for this.

  1. Allow a user to click and paint routes over the roads they want to drive the circuit on
  2. Enable saving by taking a snapshot of the circuit and storing it in a database with a unique key
  3. Allow a user to reload a previously saved circuit from their account
  4. Allow a user to load a snapshotted circuit via the unique key
  5. Allow users to load each other’s circuits if they have a URL with that unique key attached

I have no idea what to name this thing, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something atrocious later on.

Expect to see more about it, as well as some other brand new things, on the new “whatjacksupto” website I’ve been working on.

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