Yesterday I began working on a Discord Chat Bot in tandem with a Discord Music Bot.


The Discord Music Bot was a version of the previously named “Sexual Rhinoceros Discord Music Bot”. God I love that fuckin’ name.

But I wasn’t doing much new development on that. I just updated its dependencies, and removed anything that would have cluttered it up being with another project….

And then I combined both the chat bot and the music bot into the same repo. The idea for the chat bot is to give the listener more info about thrillhouse radio when he is listening to the radio-bro in Discord. Then I could expand it to work in Messenger, and that way I can just send it commands to advertise the current song playing to a group chat. And also again users could message the chatbot here and get information back about what song is currently playing and what not.

In the grand scheme of things I’d like to provide a feature that would automagically shazam the “real song” that is playing if there is ever a mix playing. Because I always whip out Shazam on my phone to figure out what cool song is playing in the middle of this DJ set, but there are times where I wish this was easier.

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