I got the gumption to install python on my mac…and homebrew, regrettably…I thought I could go a lot longer without having to install that package manager…Anyway, I installed python, pip, and then gmusicapi using pip. And since then it’s been relatively trivial to extract information from my Google Music account. This should make keeping an up-to-the-minute updated radio station all the more closer to becoming a reality.

I can use the features of gmusicapi in a script that will download the latest information from all my playlists and save them in a txt file. Then I can have another script run that searches each song name on youtube using another python-based program, youtube-dl. Then youtube-dl will save each of the songs into a folder as MP3 files, skipping the ones it already sees in the folder by way of a command line switch I’m presuming exists.

Afterwards, I’ll really need to make sure that I manually go through and MP3 tag any of the erroneous tagged files or missing ones. I can script out mp3tag to automatically run through the ones I’ve already discovered, like splits on “-” or ” – ” or ” “, you know, like delimiters in the “song artist – song name” tagging system used by uploaders on youtube. Scripting it out will miss some by default, and some may be flipped around because there are those people who deviate from that tagging system. But I can fix those as I see them, and maybe have some people help me mp3tag everything properly.

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