Well my Radio server took another crap while I was getting things back up today. I experienced the same issues my sister was having with the machine when I was troubleshooting things with her over messenger while I was on vacation. The machine would turn itself off when jostled or whenever the windows updates got hung up. I think the problem is two-fold. I suspected the power cord was faulty so I brought it back upstairs to sit next to my main PC again while I make it stable again.

I have some planned upgrades for the machine:

  1. 5.1 Channel Sound Card
  2. Record Player Hooking Up
  3. 2 4TB 3.5″ HDDs
  4. 250W Dell SFF PSU (I think the PSU might be bad as well)

These things are ordered because I plan to do the upgrades as I find money for them, and then test to see if I need the 250W replacement PSU. I can also do some power tests with a KillAWatt to see how much power the thing draws when it’s just up and running after plugging in headless with all the upgrades. Maybe it will shut off still and not draw that much power. That should tell me what to do with the possible upgraded power supply.

I also want to hook up the record player and write a script that periodically checks the new soundcard’s input for any incoming sound every 15 seconds. If it notices that I’ve started playing a record I think I could script it so that I pause the current song in foobar and switch over to using b.u.t.t. or some over foobar2000 plugin that will stream my mic’s input into Icecast. And then when it senses there’s no sound coming out of the record player, switch back to foobar and un-pause the previously playing music.

The sound card is coming today. And I’m going to install that and try the ol’ 3.5mm audio cable connecting and see how it sounds in discord. I don’t think it’ll be much better but whatever. It will also free up a 3.5mm audio mic input that I can attach the “2nd Room” Outputs of the receiver to. Just ended a sentence with a preposition. Good golly me.

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