It only took me a whole month, but I finally got everything turned back on and connected. Why did it take me so long? Well first off I had boxes upon boxes of stuff blocking my path to the area where I wanted to set up my servers. And I wanted to make sure they were all on a WeMo Insight Smart Power Switch. Now that it’s all settled I officially have it all set up the way I wanted. Radio station server is right next to the ubuntu server that runs all this ish.

Updating the Platform:
So after having set up the radio station again. I have to write down what I’m currently using as a platform, and then also I will add how I interface with that platform.

It’s a Windows 10 box running legitimate Windows as far as I’m concerned (im not). Along with this software:

  • Foobar2000 – This plays the music tracks out the 3.5″ audio output.
  • youtube-dl – This open source software package allows you to download youtube videos as mp3 files.
  • Foobar2000 Controller plugin – I use this freeware to remotely control the radio station and skip songs.
  • Discord – This voice chat software allows my radio station to join as a radio-bro user and stream directly into discord channels.
  • Icecast 2 – This is a streaming media server that supports mp3.
  • Git – This is used to manage my Icecast 2 website customization.
  • Cmder – This is a command-line program that I use in place of Windows default cmdline.

Interfacing with the Radio:
To control the radio station I have a few different options. For listening there’s more options as well, but I end up using the same way every time.

  • RDP – Remote Desktop Protocol, most pain-in-the-ass way, but gets every job done.
  • Foobar2000 Remote Controller App – Android app that does what it says it does
  • Foober2000 api calls – I haven’t really tried this, but I’ve researched it, I can eventually control from my own app that utilizes the api


  • WWW – Web Browser, any of them, even on the phone, just open that up, and on desktops it starts playing instantly (haha, fuck you is what i was thinking when i programmed in that bit), and then on mobile you just hit the play button.
  • MP3u file – An MP3 playlist file is downloadable from the radio site. This will allow you to stream the station’s content straight to VLC media player or whatever media player you have that is capable of playing such a file.

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