While discussing Maintenance contracts with the team we came up with some new products to start offering our clients. One of which being automated daily backups followed by weekly reports. Easy to do manually, but extremely easy to do automatically, and for profit! So I got to researching and came up with a process based on the following two articles:

Paul Stamatiou – How to: Bulletproof Server Backups with Amazon S3

John Eberly – How I Automated My Backups to Amazon S3 using s3sync


Getting Started

So s3sync is a Ruby program that backs up data to S3. John Eberly used this program 9+ years ago (didn’t even know S3 was available in 2006). But Paul Stamatiou also wrote a tutorial documenting his use with it, and that was published in 2007… So, only a year afterwards. Since these were the top hits in Google I’m going to do another search to see if there’s a better tool available. Even though Eberly’s blog has many, many comments logged on it up to 4 years ago.

You need 3 things on your server

  • Ruby
  • s3sync
  • libopenssl-ruby

You will write a script that does the following

  • tarballs your website directory
  • mysqldumps your website database
  • s3syncs your tarball and dbdump up to your s3 bucket

I also need the following features

  • Daily cronjob emails sent to special email account
  • A weekly report generated from the emails sent to the special email account


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