And arguably one of the cheapest ways, too. I recommend a combination of Route 53 and S3 buckets, both services provided by Amazon AWS.

Together they cost about $1-2 a month for a static website with no database backend.

Here’s how you set it up:

  1. First, register a Domain. You can do this with Route 53 or through a registrar of your choice. For this tutorial I will be using an extra domain name I’m not currently using. This domain name is
  2. Next, login to your Route 53 control panel and click on Create Hosted Zone. There you will enter the domain name you just registered and click Create.
  3. You have successfully created a new hosted zone. Route 53 will take you to a screen that shows your registered domain name along with the 4 new Nameservers it has associated with your domain name. You will use these later on with your registrar to hand off DNS resolution duties to Amazon’s Route 53 (instead of your registrar’s default DNS).
  4. There was supposed to be more to this, but it got scrapped. Here is the command you would need to enter in a post-update hook script to auto-deploy any updated branches to your S3 bucket:

gathered from here:

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