And by butt I mean b.u.t.t.(broadcast using this tool). I’ve held off on writing these #howitsmade posts because I wasn’t so sure I liked how my current setup was faring. The radio’s stream software has changed a lot since it’s inception, but I think I’ve found my favorite, butt.

I downloaded it on a whim after a general search for streaming tools. The plugins I had downloaded for Winamp were useless when my Winamp installation became corrupt. I figured I could spend who-knows-how-long on uninstalling-reinstalling until that bitch worked again, but instead I decided to see if I could figure out how to stream *EVERYTHING* from my PC, not just all songs through Winamp. That’s how I stumbled upon butt. It is capable of this and pretty much nothing else.

I have the butt software streaming my “Stereo Mix” recording devices on Windows 7. It is connected to an IceCast server I’m running on the same machine. IceCast is a great tool that’s also extremely easy to set up. You just edit a config and run a batch file. That batch file starts up a server on your PC that just streams out whatever mountpoint you have configured up to it (in this case and many others, butt is also a mountpoint).

The second part of this post, and probably the coolest aspect, is that I can control the foobar2000 I replaced Winamp with, remotely from my phone or any other Android device connected to WiFi. Oh and if any of my computer-savvy friends decide to try to fuck with me knowing that about my network, I will just put the server on a separate router and replace all your phone browser’s image requests with dildos while you’re in my house.

Anyways, now that I was using foobar2000, I knew that I had access to better-programmed apps and plugins. The first thing I went searching for was a remote-controller app for android. I found one called foobar2000 controller. It works perfectly. All it requires is a small <1 MB companion app to be downloaded to the media streamer PC and then it’s just a matter of configuring the app on your phone to point to the PC and you’re good to go. I can change songs with about ~1-2 sec delay in my home. I want to try VPNing into my network through my phone’s cellular data network sometime and try controlling the radio playlist from the wide world. But that’s a project for another day.

Another one of my long term goals is to get a “Current Artist – Song” update on the IceCast public interface for my stream. I had it working before with Winamp and the tools recommended to me in the first tutorial I read about internet radio streaming. It doesn’t help that many of the Winamp plugins they recommend, like Edcast, are unsupported, hard to find, and ultimately defunct and barely functional at times. BUT, that being said, Edcast was able to add the song artist and title information to the data it sent to IceCast. I need to figure out how to get my butt program to read the now-playing metadata associated with foobar2000, if that’s even possible… I can’t wait to start polluting my Google Search history with “now playing F.U.B.A.R. butt plug-ins”…

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